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2009 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: New York Mets

One can argue the order of the three Mets the same way one can argue the order of these three Will Ferrell movies - Old School, Anchor Man: The Legend of Ron Burgandy and Blades of Glory.  All three are good movies but two are clearly better than the third.  FWIW, David Wright would need to be grouped with Reyes and Santana for Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby to have been the third movie.

13.  Jose Reyes, SS, New York Mets: The next three players are New York Mets and bring the neo-perrenial September choking teams' total in the Top 15 to four players. Because he plays SS, Reyes will be taken well before the 13th overall selection. This rankign justs says his five-category contribution doesn't measure-up when position-eligibility is another consideration.

14.  Carlos Beltran, OF, New York Mets: I wonder if the Yankees are wishing they had beaten the Mets' offer to Beltran in 2004. If not for the AVG, Beltran would be considered in the same realm of value as the Colorado Rockies' version of Matt Holliday.

15.  Johan Santana, SP, New York Mets: The first starting pitcher makes his appearance. While I am skeptical of any ranking methodology given its inherent weakness of trying to predict the future, what I did to give innings-weighted consideration has placed the SP in areas that I think line-up quite well with where the elite SP will begin to be drafted. FWIW, a boost of five Wins in 2008 would not have changed Santana's ranking.

16.  C.C. Sabathia, SP, Team To Be Determined: I expect Sabathia to follow Santana off the draft board if only because Santana is more accomplished. But I wouldn't second-guess someone for taking C.C. first.

17.  Grady Sizemore, OF, Cleveland Indians: But for AVG, Sizemore would be higher. Should anyone be concerned that his AVG has dropped in three consectuive seasons despite his HR, RBI, Runs, and SB increasing in each of those seasons? I tend to overlook AVG in favor of the sexier hitting categories and would take Sizemore right around the same time I'd take Ryan Braun.