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MLB Trade Rumor: Buster Olney - Pass Me What You're Smoking

I have come to the conclusion that Buster Olney must have gotten a good batch while he was on Thanksgiving holiday after reading this morning's blog post. I like his blog him everyday. Today's article mentioned a trade old rumor that many have read before-the New York Yankees' Robinson Cano to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Matt Kemp.

But his trade rumor started a little different. His rumor goes like this:

The Yankees also have had internal discussions about second baseman Orlando Hudson, whom they would sign, presumably, if they were to move closer to the long-considered swap of Robinson Cano to the Dodgers (or some other team). If the Yankees were to trade Cano to L.A., they almost certainly would insist upon an elite pitcher like Clayton Kershaw or Chad Billingsley in return, and in failing to get that, they'd lock in on outfielder Matt Kemp.

OK. His rumor assumes the Yankees can sign Orlando Hudson to play 2b, only IF they can trade Cano to "some" team, possibly the Dodgers.

After looking at Robinson Cano's stats, on paper he appears to be Orlando Hudson with a little more power and fewer walks.

My inital reaction to the Kemp-Cano rumor wonders if Olney forgets that the Dodgers just lost two starting pitchers to free agency (Lowe and Penny), why would they trade a potential ace for a 2bman? I assume Ned Colletti would hang up on Brian Cashman after he stopped laughing. Then, assuming Cashman hit redial and aked for Kemp, I would think Colletti would listen only if Cashman ended his offer with "....and Andruw Jones or Juan Pierre?"

Otherwise, Ned should hang up again.