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2009 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Past Performance

Can we at least agree that Conan the Destroyer and Caddyshack II are two sequels that should never have been made?

9. Nick Markakis, OF, Baltimore Orioles: I know there was a changing of the guard over the past couple of years, but Markakis at #9? Maybe I can't come to terms with the drop in power that makes 20 HRs a good figure.

10. Ryan Braun, OF, Milwaukee Brewers: This seems right to me, but maybe it's because he hit 37 HRs last year. I know I've got HR bias when it comes to ranking hitters. There is also a thing called three year weighted averaging that slightly hurts Braun given he has just two season's of performance. A repeat of 2008 would have ranked him in #6.

11. Vladimir Guerrero, OF, Los Angeles Angels: I know there has been a major turn downward in the perceived value of Guerrero, but his production shows it is unmerited. Slightly. He still hits HRs, especially given the drop in that category last season, and for AVG, but the drops in RBI, Runs and the continued absence of SB makes me think Conan The Destroyer.

12.. Carlos Lee, OF, Houston Astros: The man has grown just like Vlad but doesn't make me think of really bad sequels. Hitting 28 HRs and driving in 100 in 436 Abs would do that, but I am concerned a Caddyshack II lurks in Lee's near future.