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MLB Rumors: The Local Takes On Hanley Ramirez

While their was no local perspective on the Hanley Ramirez trade rumor, both cities local papers have commented on the blockbuster. I tend to agree with the Florida take and was surprised to see the one in Boston.

Tony Massarotti of the Boston Globe:

So why did the Red Sox approach the Marlins? For the same reason they pursued Teixeira. They know their offense is going to slip in 2009...There are going to be some easier outs in this lineup, independent of the questions surrounding Ortiz and Mike Lowell. Barring a dramatic development at shortstop or catcher, the Red Sox are likely to have relative soft spots at three positions in their lineup, depending on what happens with Ellsbury...From June 2 through Aug. 29 last year, Ellsbury batted .240 with nine walks and .582 OPS in 69 games.

Juan C. Rodriguez of the Florida Sun-Sentinel:

I have serious doubts that the Marlins actually exchanged names with the Red Sox. Jacob Ellsbury and Clay Buchholz are fine prospects, but come on. What possible package could the Red Sox put together that would even make the Marlins think about moving Ramirez?

Unless Jeffrey Loria invested with Bernie Madoff, why on earth would the Marlins rid themselves of a player who should easily outperform a $70 million payday. Not only that, but why do it when the shovel is as close to hitting the ground as it's ever been? The stadium agreement has not been finalized. Would the Marlins jeopardize that with the uproar trading their best player for more prospects would create?