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NFL Free Agent Quarterbacks, Part 1 - Matt Cassel, Kerry Collins, Jeff Garcia

Nothing can change the fantasy landscape like free agency, which is one giant reason why doing 2009 fantasy mock drafts now is fun but not all that helpful.  How can you decide how to value guys like Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Matt Cassel when their value depends heavily on where Matt Cassel ends up?  Will these guys stay with their team or take the money and run?  And what does that decision do to their fantasy value?  Here are a few of the free agent QBs that have to make that decision.   
Matt Cassel, NE -- Cassel was a solid every-week quarterback, both in fantasy football and in "real life" as he led the Patriots to an 11-5 record after Brady was injured.   There's not much you can argue about when the guy put up 3,693 passing yards (including two 400+ yd games), 21 TDs and 11 INT.   He is going to cash in big time somewhere but I don't think it will be in New England.  The Patriots probably want to keep him -- especially since Tom Brady is spending more time snuggling with supermodels and less time healing -- but I doubt they can afford it.   Prediction: He leaves, fantasy value drops
Kerry Collins, Ten -- OK, the Vince Young era re-starts next season, right?  Right?  Uh, maybe not.  Collins hasn't been a great fantasy QB (2,681 pass yds, 12 TD, 7 INT) but he's done everything he had to do in leading the Titans to a 13-3 regular season record.  Hell, he might end up with a Super Bowl ring before the season is over.  That would probably be the best outcome as he's likely to retire if that happens.  If Collins doesn't retire, can the Titans really keep sign him, start him, and keep VY on the bench?  A Super Bowl appearance says the answers are yes, yes and yes.  Prediction: He stays, fantasy value rises.

Jeff Garcia, TB - I'm sure they have different leadership qualities, but to fantasy football owners Garcia (2713 pass yds, 12 TD, 6 INT) is the same QB as Collins.  A late season collapse (2 TD and 3 INT in the final two games, both losses) doomed the Bucs' playoff chances but Coach Gruden says they want him back.  Eh, go figure.  I have problems understanding this team. Prediction: He stays, fantasy value is the same.