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MLB Rumors: Dodgers Talking to Bobby Abreu and Adam Dunn

Yesterday afternoon, ESPN's Jayson Stark reported that the Dodgers have made contact with the agents for Adam Dunn expressing interest.'s Ken Gurnick reported that the Dodgers will soon enter talks with the agents for Bobby Abreu. On a slow Monday afternoon, these two stories, along with the Andruw Jones to the Mets rumor told me that Ned Colletti is tired of waiting for Scott Boras to create a market for Manny Ramirez.

I can't blame Colletti. He has made Boras two offers, a 2 year $45 million dollar offer, and an arbitration offer, and has yet to hear back from Boras. Yes, they have talked since making these two offers, but nothing has come of it. One other rumor over the weekend, provided by XM Radio's Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton (not Jim), had the Dodgers making a 3 year $75 million offer. And it is common knowledge that no other team has expressed interest in Manny. In fact, several teams have announced they will not be in the race for Manny-the Angels, Mets and Yankees. I seem to remember Scott Boras announcing on the first day of free agency that he would then "begin to take serious offers" for Manny's services. Funny how that turned out.

Anyway, the fact that Colletti "appears" to be moving on from Manny is a good sign. Signing either Adam Dunn or Bobby Abreu,gives Colletti flexibility to sign one or two starting pitchers, and a reliever to replace Chan Ho Park. Pitching is now Colletti's top priority as he has to replace Derek Lowe and Brad Penny/Greg Maddux in the Dodgers rotation.

Dunn is one of the most projectable hitters in the game, as he has hit exactly 40 homers in each of the last four seasons, while hitting 46 in 2004. He won't hit for a high average, but will hit 40 HRs, drive in 100, get on base at a .380 clip, and slug around .500. But, he may be one of the worst fielding left-fielders in the game, so he won't help anyone in the field, unless he gets real lucky.

Abreu doesn't hit for power anymore. He hit 20-100-100-22-.296-.371-.471 last year for the Yankees. In 2007, playing for Joe Torre, he his 16-101-123-25-.283-.369-.445. So he still is a productive hitter, who can drive in runs, and steal a few bags. Abreu will be 35 in March, but apparently plays through injuries, as he has never played in less than 151 games since 1998. Funny how his age never comes up like it does for Manny.

If Colletti is actually moving on from Manny Ramirez, he can sign either Dunn or Abreu, and have enough money to sign another starting pitcher-possibly Randy Wolf or Jon Garland- and a reliever to replace Chan Ho Park.