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MLB Trade Rumors: XM Radio Edition

This afternoon while running a few errands I listened to the fairly new baseball show on XM 175 hosted by "Hacksaw" Jim Hamiliton (I think I got that right). He usually spends a few minutes going over some of the free agent and trade rumors he has read/heard and takes alot of calls from fans.

Today, he went through a list of trade rumors that I haven't heard recently. Here they are:

  1. The Los Angeles Angels are talking to the White Sox about Paul Konerko
  2. Texas is dangling 1bman Hank Blalock to the Orioles
  3. The Yankees are talking to the Reds about an Xavier Nady for Homer Bailey swap
  4. And for the 3rd week in a row, Hacksaw mentioned that Manny Ramirez had been offered a 3 year $75 million contract (presumably from the Dodgers).
  5. He went on to say that he thought Scott Boras would attempt to get either the Baltimore Orioles or the Washington Nationals in on the Manny Ramirez talks to drive up the price for the Dodgers. He mentioned Manny is seeking a 4 year $100 million deal.
  6. Finally, he interviewed LA Dodgers assistant GM Logan White. When asked about what other moves the Dodgers would make this offseason (ie will they sign Manny, and who will replace Saito?), White skirted around the Manny talks, but did say that LA was sticking with the youth movement, and we may see a few surprises this year.

I have a few ideas about what White was inferring, but will see how the offseason progresses to see if I am right.

In other fantasy news,'s Joe Frisaro mentions that the Marlins are looking to move Jeremy Hermida to left field this year, with Cody Ross playing right field. He also mentions that the Marlins will also look to go with a young OF, which may include speedster John Raynor (stole 48 bases in AA) or Scott Cousins. I wonder if they may give Cameron Maybin more time in AAA to start the season?