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Fantasy Football Thoughts For Week 17

I hope everybody had / is having a great holiday break.  I know I did, although I was reminded of a few important points during my time off:

1)      My mom is still an incredible cook.

1a)    I still don’t know why I didn’t die of a massive coronary attack by age 12.  Wow, I seriously need a salad.

2)      My family is kind of crazy (in a good way).

3)      My wife’s family is kind of crazy (in a good way).

On top of that, here are five fantasy football related thoughts to ponder during the last week of the NFL season:

1)      If the Vikings miss the playoffs – again – is the Tarvaris Jackson era over in Minnesota?  Adrian Peterson has a finite number of carries on his body, and the Vikings are wasting them.   My answer: Yes.

2)      If the Eagles don’t upset the Cowboys, is Donovan McNabb finished in Philly?  There are plenty of teams (Chicago? Minnesota?) who could throw a lot of money at him.  My answer: No.

3)      Last season the Patriots, Cowboys and Packers won a combined 42 games.  It’s possible that all three teams will miss the playoffs this year.  While you’re at it, add in the Jags (11 wins), Chargers (11 wins), Browns (10 wins) and Seahawks (10 wins) all of whom might also miss the playoffs.  My answer: Damn.

4)      Who starts at QB  in Arizona next season, Warner or Leinart?  If you’re the Cardinals, you need to figure that out pretty soon, don’t you?  If you're planning to keep Boldin or Fitzgerland, you need to know too.  My answer: Warner.

5)      The AFC is stocked with quarterbacks that are potential 2009 breakout candidates.  Joe Flacco, Tyler Thigpen, Trent Edwards, and Brady Quinn all have the chance to go crazy next year, but each and every one of them could also suck big time. That’s not even including Matt Cassel’s new home and <insert new Raiders QB here>.  QBs will be a tough position to draft next season.  My answer: Yes on Thigpen and Edwards, No on Flacco, Quinn, Cassel and New Raider.