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MLB Rumors: Why Manny Ramirez Makes Sense For The New York Mets

With Mark Teixeira in Yankees' pinstripes, LF Manny Ramirez remains the marquee bat on the free agent market. With the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Angels publicly stating their conviction not to have Ramirez as a part of their organizations, where will Manny Ramirez land?

The most obvious answer is back with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The only questions are whether a. the two-year $45MM offer is still available and b. whether Manny Ramirez would accept it. What I believe will happen before either of those questions is answered is Scott Boras will attempt to drum-up interest from the New York Mets.

Frankly, it makes a lot of sense for the New York Mets to acquire Ramirez for two reasons. The team currently has a corner outfield consisting of Fernando Tatis, Daniel Murphy, Ryan Church and Jeremy Reed. Can anyone claim Manny Ramirez wouldn't be an improvement there?

Second, the Mets are a win-now team. Adding Ramirez' bat on a two-year deal is ideal. Heck, make it a one-year deal with an opt-out. This could keep Ramirez motivated to re-enter the free agent market in a year's time when the economic situation may not be as grim.