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MLB Rumors: Mark Teixeira Or Manny Ramirez To The New York Yankees

Mondays are normally a slow baseball news day given the NFL coverage of Sunday's games. Thankfully, the Los Angeles Angels have had enough of Scott Boras and the Caribbean loves baseball. Mike DiGiovanna of the LA Times reports the Angels are defintively out while suggesting the Angels will use those funds to sign closer Brian Fuentes.

Only Newsday's Ken Davidoff (didn't I read he is being downsized?) has Yankees information on the Teixeira development on the day following the New York Giants clinching home field through the NFL play-offs and the Jets month-long choke. He writes:

On Saturday, two sources told Newsday that Boras got in touch with Cashman on Friday, wanting to know if the Yankees would like to make an offer. Boras reportedly told Cashman it would take eight years and $180 million to $185 million to sign Teixeira.

Franklin Mirabal of Impacto Deportivo writes Manny Ramirez has reached an agreement with the New York Yankees for three years and $75 million. I have no idea how reliable this is, but, given how the American sports media loves to help the teams negotiate through their reporting, I see no reason not to provide the same voice to the Spanish reporters. Heck, MLB Trade Rumors provides some history that seems to provide more credibility than many American sports reporters receive.

None of the New York Dailies picked up the Impacto Deportivo report though.