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MLB Rumors: Mark Teixeira And a Three-Team Trade

Behind the subscriber wall, Buster Olney relates the New York Yankees are not making, or going to make, any big offer to Mark Teixeira, and it is his agent's camp, (read: Scott Boras et al), who are fostering this meme.  This segues nicely into the NY Daily News' Bill Madden calling the Washington Nationals Scott Boras' "One Dumb Owner".

As a New York Yankees' fan, 1B Mark Teixeira makes the most short-term sense.  However, I can openly spend all the Yankees' money (and with the other hand criticize the absolutely ridiculous ticket and concession prices).  Those charged with building a strong organization may not be so cavalier.  Where does Jorge Posada and his $13MM play if he throws out runners like Mike Piazza or Josh bard next season?

If Peter Gammons is correct, none of that matters because the Boston Red Sox have spent two years planning the addition of Mark Teixeira.  Slightly off topic, Mr. Gammons passes along this trade rumor: a three-team trade amongst the Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Angels and Cincinnatti Reds that would Land Jermaine Dye with the Reds, Joey Votto at 1B in Anaheim and Chone Figgins in the Windy City at 3B(?).

Implied is the Angels' loss of 1B Mark Teixeira, of course.