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MLB Rumors: Who Made The $200MM Offer To Mark Teixeira?

Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News (yes, I read more than the New York Post) writes the Boston Red Sox are still considered the favorites to sign 1B Mark Teixeira with the three teams in contention being the Red Sox, Washington Nationals and Los Angeles Angels. As interesting, Mr. Feinsand not-so-thinly writes that Scott Boras may have lied about having a $200MM offer. I am relieved to finally read a non-political answer about exactly what Boras does.

The Los Angeles Daily News reports Boras is asking for $195 million over eight season for Teixeira and that the Angels are sticking to their original eight-year offer. That would seem to eliminate the Angels from the Teixeria sweepatakes and as the team who made the $200MM offer - assuming reports the Red Sox offer eight and $180MM.

That leaves the Washington Nationals as the club offering the $200MM Boras fed to John Heny and company on Thursday evening - all information assumed to be correct. I am on record stating I want Teixeira to go to Washington. With young pitchers in the rotation and on the horizon, the Nationals could be surprising good in three seasons.

Remember, the team has the 1st overall pick in next June's draft and could take San Diego State RHP Stephen Strasburg, a college pitcher reported to be as good as David Price. Aaron Fitt of Baseball America recently wrote this in an chat:

Joseph (Sacramento, CA): Assuming the Nats select Strasburg with the top pick in the upcoming draft, how would you rate their young pitching? Strasburg, Detwiler, Lannan, Balester, J.Zimmerman, etc. Thanks.

Aaron Fitt: Strasburg is the no-brainer top guy -- he's just one of those very special guys that doesn't come along very often. I've seen plenty of both Strasburg and David Price in college, and it's very hard to decide which one was better, and everyone knows how good Price is/will be. I'd go with Zimmermann next, then Detwiler, Balester and Lannan. Watch out for Jack McGeary -- he's going to move more slowly because he's still got two more years of splitting time between the Nationals and classes at Stanford, but he's an advanced lefty who could become an Andy Pettitte type.

As for Manny Ramirez, Mr. Feinsand reports the New York Yankees await await the resolution of the Mark Teixeira situation so the Manny Ramirez market can finally open. Until Teixeira is signed and delivered nothing beyond rumor and hope should be expected on the Manny front.