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Bashing Joe Sheehan: Dodgers GM for the Day

Yesterday afternoon, Joe Sheehan from Baseball Prospectus wrote an article on what offseason moves he would make if he were the GM of the Dodgers. This is a first in a series of 'GM for the Day" articles from Sheehan leading up to baseball's winter meetings next week. Today I am going to discuss Joe's moves as the Dodgers GM.

To be frank, don't quit your day job. Joe. Here are Joe's moves:

So here's the plan, in order of importance:

  1. Sign Derek Lowe for four years and $62 million. He's the best fit for this team and this payroll, and there should be some value to Lowe in not having to relocate. If there's not, ply him with additional money.

  2. Trade Xavier Paul and Victor Garate to the Brewers for Rickie Weeks; then make Weeks a center fielder. It's a low bid, and honestly, I'm skeptical enough of DeJesus' power and ability to play shortstop than I might deal him if that's what it took to get Weeks.

  3. Sign Ray Durham for two years, $8 million. The extra year is designed to get this over with quickly, as the falloff from Durham to the next option is steep enough to want to avoid the question. If Durham is done, this is an easy contract to eat. Speaking of which…

  4. Release Andruw Jones. Ideally, you could get him to agree to a buyout, where he takes 60 cents on the dollar and gets to hit the market again, choosing that ahead of a season in which he bats 125 times as the Dodgers' fifth outfielder. There's no place for him on this roster. A year ago, I loved this signing; I was very, very wrong.

  5. Sign Javier Valentin. He starts 30-35 games against good right-handed pitchers and is a very good pinch-hitter the rest of the time.

  6. Re-sign Takashi Saito. Offer him a high-upside deal. It's not likely there's much guaranteed money available for him, and he's one of those "good or unavailable" guys.

  7. Offer arbitration to Ramirez. I can't fathom him taking it, and almost no team uses draft picks as well as the Dodgers do.

My comments:

1. Lowe didn't want to play in LA four years ago, what makes you think he will want to play here now? But, not a bad idea.

2. First off, Melvin is not Omar Minaya. Weeks is worth more than a 4th OFer and a reliever. Secondly, is Weeks any better at leading off than Juan Pierre? Weeks had a .342 OBP last year. Sheehan must have a man-crush on Weeks.

3. We just got rid of an old 2bman, we don't need another. I will gladly play Dewitt at 2b. Colletti can make a deal for Adrian Beltre to play 3b. With Hu and Beltre manning the left side of the infield, they would be above average defensively, and probably add a few wins with just their defense.

4. +1

5. I agree as long as he plays at least 40 games...40 full games.

6. As long as he is healthy, sure, sign Saito. But, I have a feeling Saito will be in Japan in 2009. Plus, a Cory Wade-Hong-Chi Kuo-Jonathon Broxton trio to pitch the 7th, 8th and 9th is pretty solid.

7. With all the money Colletti has to spend, he must offer a contract to and sign Manny.

Overall, I think Sheehan is crazy if he thinks the below lineup is going to score alot of runs. This lineup is weak at leadoff and spots 6-8, and has no 30 HR bat. This lineup needs Mannywood.

Weeks CF
Ethier LF
Kemp RF
Loney 1B
Martin C
Durham 2B
DeWitt 3B

Sheehan wouldn't last one year as the Dodgers GM in my eyes, and he has the nerve to waste pixels bashing Colletti's moves.