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Fake Teams Fantasy Football League Finals Are Here

This weekend is the championship of the Fake Teams Fantasy Football League, sponsored by AOL Fanhouse.   Unlike most (any?) of the other SBNation leagues, this was a 16-team league using IDPs which isn't for the faint of heart.  So who survived a full season of pressure like that?  Well, not me. 

Our two finalists are both lower seeds, so it's a little surprising they've been able to fight their way this far.  TexasHomer's "CowboysHomer" team was the #5 seed and they've been led by their outstanding defensive players. Gibril Wilson (#1-rated DB), DeMarcus Ware (#2 LB) and Jon Beason (#3 LB) have been dominant. 

The second finalist is MAVickers' "19 and Uh-Oh" squad, the league's #6 seed and he has gotten here through his offense.  QB Drew Brees, WR Roddy White and RB Brian Westbrook have anchored his team, while RB Pierre Thomas has been a recent star.

Those are our two finalists in an offense-vs-defense showdown and good luck to both teams.  Thanks to everybody who played this season!