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Ten Worst Pass and Run Defenses: Fantasy Football Finals

Just as I did with the best defenses, I am providing both worst defenses list in order to give those teams playing for a fantasy football championship the chances to digest the info and make the best decisions. This also allows for the opportunity to ask questions and gather opinions.

Steve Slaton against the Oakland Raiders, Marshawn Lynch against the Denver Broncos and Matt Forte against the Green Bay Packers offer the three easiest match-up desicions for the fantasy football finals. Pierre Thomas against the Detroit Lions, Ryan Grant against the Chicago Bears and LaDainian Tomlinson against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the next three. Those six are followed-up by the unlikely starts of Sammie Morris, Cedric Benson, Tim Hightower and Maurice Morris.

To take advantage of passing match-ups, I like Peyton Manning against the Jacksonville Jaguars and Shaun Hill against St. Louis. The rest of the match-ups face 175-200 yard passers with a 0-2 TD possibilities against bad pass defenses. I can't see too many fantasy football finals starting any of those eight QBs.

Ten Worst Rush Defenses:

Rush Rank Team RYA Vs
32 Oakland 193.3 HOU
31 Detroit 176 NO
30 Tampa Bay 172.7 SD
29 Arizona 169.7 @NE
28 Chicago 165.3 GB
27 Cleveland 153 CIN
26 NY Jets 138 @SEA
25 New England 137 AZ
24 Denver 124 BUF
23 Green Bay 121 @CHI

Ten Worst Pass Defenses:

Pass Rank Team PYA Vs
32 Green Bay 269 @CHI
31 Seattle 267.3 NYJ
30 NY Jets 250.3 @SEA
29 Carolina 249.7 @NYG
28 Kansas City 248 MIA
27 Houston 240.7 @OAK
26 Denver 223.7 BUF
25 Cincinnati 222 @CLE
24 Jacksonville 221.3 IND
23 St. Louis 219.3 SF