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Top Ten Pass And Rush Defenses: Fantasy Football Finals

With the fantasy football finals occurring this week, I have combined the Top Ten defenses into one post and will do the same with the worst ten defenses tomorrow. This will allow those lucky 16% of fantasy footballers more time to think about the match-ups, ask questions and make the correct start/sit decisions.

For pass defenses, Dallas Cowboy's QB Tony Romo has a very unfavorable match-up. After being battered by the New York Giants pass rush to the extent my back hurt in sympathy pains, Romo faces a Ravens' defense playing for its post-season life. Given Romo managed to produce against the Giants, I expect more of the same against the Ravens - 200 or so yards and a TD or two.

The match-ups against the rush defenses pose more of a problem because several elite fantasy RBs face-off against top defenses. Clinton Portis, Marion Barber III/Tashard Choice, Michael Turner, and Maurice Jones-Drew will force their owners to start them and hope for lying statistics. Of these, I expect Tashard Choice's Cinderella fantasy run to end at the most inopportune time.

Top Ten Pass Defenses:

Pass Rank Team PYA Vs
1 Pittsburgh 143 @TEN
2 Miami 144.7 @KC
3 Tennessee 147.3 PIT
4 San Francisco 155.7 @STL
5 San Diego 163.7 @TB
6 Indianapolis 165 @JAX
7 Philadelphia 165.7 @WAS
8 Baltimore 170 @DAL
9 Buffalo 173.3 @DEN
10 Dallas 185.3 BAL

Top Ten Rush Defenses:

Rush Rank Team RYA Vs
1 Tennessee 55 PIT
2 Philadelphia 56.7 @WAS
3 Baltimore 70 @DAL
4 Dallas 74 BAL
4 Minnesota 74 ATL
6 Cincinnati 85 @CLE
7 Indianapolis 91 @JAX
8 Jacksonville 98.7 IND
9 San Diego 99 @TB
10 New Orleans 101 @DET