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Fantasy Football's Worst Heisman Trophy Winners

With only three great fantasy football players to win the Heisman, where is everybody else rated?  Sorry to say, most of them are below mediocre.  A season or two, a good game or two. However, there are some Heisman winners who were solidly horrible.  Here are the worst of the worst, and that's saying a lot.
Gino Toretta - 1992 (QB, Miami) - Played on five teams in four seasons, seeing the field only twice and finishing with 41 career passing yards.  He's somewhat famous for being known as "The Worst Heisman Winner Ever", but I don't think that's true anymore.
Charlie Ward - 1993 (QB, Florida State) - Never played professional football, arrogantly declaring he wouldn't play in the NFL unless he was drafted in the 1st round of the NFL Draft.  He wasn't drafted at all (although considering bust QBs Heath Shuler and Trent Dilfer were both drafted in the Top 6 overall, maybe he should've been) and instead decided to play professional basketball.  Finished an 11 year career in the NBA in 2005.
Eric Crouch - 2001 (QB, Nebraska) - Despite being voted the best college football player in the nation AND winning the Davey O'Brien award for the best college quarterback in the nation, it was instantly recognized that Crouch wasn't qualified to play QB in the NFL.  Seriously, how does that happen?!  He was drafted by the Rams as a wideout, but injury and a surplus of douchbaggery led to his release.  He caught on with the Packers, then got bitchy when they drafted Aaron Rodgers, asked to be released, and was booted.  Ended up playing safety in NFL Europe and later QB for the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL.
Jason White - 2003 (QB, Oklahoma) - Not to put any more pressure on Sam Bradford, but he has a big job ahead of him to try to erase the stain of the last Oklahoma QB to win the Heisman.  Toretta was good enough to be considered a backup for several years, Ward realized he could have a longer career in basketball, Crouch had skills but couldn't work past his ego.  Jason White was so bad that he wasn't drafted at ALL by the NFL and then didn't receive an immediate invitation to tryout with the NFL. Eventually he had a tryout with the Chiefs who let him go, with Head Coach Dick Vermeil suggesting he try the Arena Football League.  Put that in your press release Downtown Athletic Club!  He was later signed by the Titans before the 2005 season, couldn't make the team as the 3rd QB, was cut, and retired in Aug 2005.  He now owns a memorabilia store.  From Heisman Trophy winner to football washout in less than two years, Jason White is your "Worst Heisman Trophy Winner Ever".  Mr. Toretta, you can relax now and the first beer is on me.