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MLB Rumors: Buster Olney On Manny Ramirez And Mark Teixeira

From Buster Olney of

As of Monday afternoon, there was virtually no on-going dialogue between the Dodgers and free-agent outfielder Manny Ramirez. The Dodgers have effectively made two offers to the left fielder -- a two-year, $45 million proposal, and an offer of arbitration. But those generated no response from agent Scott Boras, so the Dodgers are intent to sit back and let Boras come to them; the Dodgers have no intention of bidding against themselves.

Mr.Olney also implies the New York Yankees aren't going to give Manny Ramirez to multi-year deal he seems to think he is entitiled to. Nor will the team top any offer to Mark Teixeira. We will see.