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MLB Trade Rumors: Jake Peavy, Derek Lowe, Rafael Furcal

Last evening, Tom Krasovic from the San Diego Union-Tribune writes that the SD CEO Sandy Alderson is quoted as saying that the Padres will likely have Jake Peavy on their opening day roster, and they are not pursuing any trade for Peavy. Is this positioning by the Padres telling the Cubs they are not dropping their trade demands? Or did GM Kevin Towers REALLY screw up by not taking either the Braves or Cubs offers?

Now that the Yankee have signed CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett and are attempting to sign Andy Pettite, and the Phillies signed 46-year old Jamie Moyer to a 2 year deal, who is left to sign Derek Lowe. The Mets have invested $37 million in closer Francisco Rodriguez, and their owner just learned he has lost hundreds of millions in the biggest Wall Street ponzi scheme ever. so the Mets are more than likely not pursuing Lowe. The Braves state they are not interested. Ned Colletti has stated that Lowe will not be pitching in Los Angeles in 2009. So who has interest: Boston?? could the Cubs enter the mix?

Today is apparently the day that Rafael Furcal decides who he wants to play for the next 2,3 or possibly 4 years. He has a 4 year, $40 million offer on the table from the Oakland A's. His other suitors-the Bluejays dropped out today, the Royals need to trade Jose Guillen to free up the cash to sign him-fat chance of that happening. How about the Dodgers? Tony Jackson from the LA Daily News reported this on his blog last evening:

Tim Brown of is reporting that a decision will be made tomorrow and that it isn't necessarily Oakland. I just talked to Ned Colletti, who said he had conversations ``all weekend'' with Furcal's representatives, but he wouldn't get into details about them.

Colletti has held his ground on not offering more than 2 years to Furcal, but has included performance targets that could make the contract lucrative for Furcal. Furcal wants a 4 year contract, but has yet to accept the A's offer.

There is also a mystery team involved. Well, mystery no more. Ken Rosenthal reported last evening that the Braves are "in deep" in negotiations for Furcal, with a possible 3 year deal. Signing Furcal could open up the Peavy trade talks for the Braves.

It is apparent that Furcal does not want to sign with the A's. Today we will find out if he wants to win, or if goes for the green.

UPDATE: Rosenthal reports this morning that Furcal has signed with the Braves. I expect them to trade for Peavy, moving either Kelly Johnson or Yunel Escobar.