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Fantasy Football Thoughts on Week 15

- It doesn't matter if Clinton Portis is fighting with Head Coach Jim Zorn or not -- the Redskins' offensive line is so full of holes that Portis is pretty much done for the year.  If they can't run against the Bengals, there really isn't any hope.
- I can't think of a single Seahawk I will be able to confidently draft in my fantasy leagues next season.  TE John Carlson maybe, but even that's a stretch.
- Jets' RB Leon Washington (seven total TDs this year) is a free agent in 2010.  That probably means they have to give him the starting job next year (throwing Thomas Jones under the bus) or they'll lose him to a team that WILL start him.
- The Dolphins have 15 passing touchdowns (including one by Ronnie Brown) and they've been thrown to NINE different receivers.  Casey Cramer?  Joey Haynos?!  Are you kidding me?  Pennington must hate fantasy football, because he's killing us.
- The Chiefs are easily the best 2-12 team in the league (yeah, I know, not saying much).  This group could have half a dozen solid fantasy players next season -- if they fire Head Coach Herm Edwards in the offseason.  Or tomorrow, that would work too.
- Don't look now, but the Texans are two winnable games (Oakland, Chicago) away from finishing the season 9-7.   That's the difference between going into the draft/offseason thinking "we only need a few more pieces" instead of thinking "Oh *&^% we need to blow this up and rebuild".  A confident Schaub, Johnson, Slaton, Walter, and Daniels are all fantasy draft worthy.
- OK, I was wrong, Tarvaris Jackson DID burn the Cardinals deep.  Four touchdowns including two for 40+ yards.  If you started Tarvaris Jackson in your fantasy postseason, you're a braver person than I am.   The bad news is that this is the type of performance that will convince the Vikings to keep Jackson as the starter next season, instead of making an offer for Matt Cassel.
- PJ Pope?  The Broncos' leading rusher was PJ Pope?  Where do they find these guys?!
- The way the Cardinals gave up touchdowns to Tarvaris Jackson, it should be a field day for Matt Cassel against them next week.  On the other hand, the Pats gave up 242 passing yards and 2 TDs to JaMarcus Russell, so Kurt Warner should have a big day too.  Take the over.
- Eli Manning was sacked eight times last night.  Eight!  As you can imagine, the Giants offense did nothing against that.  Tashard Choice looked pretty good for the Cowboys though.  I bet Felix Jones (remember him) feels pretty bad right now.