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Ten Worst Rush Defenses

All the Joseph Addai owners have to be sickened to see him out for the Colts game against the league's worst rush defenses. Hold on. If an Addai owner is participating in the fantasy play-offs, then he or she likely has other options at RB other than Addai. Hopefully, those owners grabbed Dominick Rhodes because this could be a great time for a great game.

In the other great match-ups, only the Seattle Seahawks offer little fantasy hop. With a non-existent running game going against a bad St. Louis Rams' rush defense, there is no decision to be made. With the season on the line, who is going to start Maurice Morris?

The one match-up to be wary of is the Michael Turner and Atlanta Falcons' face-off against the 2nd worst RYA of the Tampa Bay Bucanneers. Thanks to the 299 yards the Bucs allowed on the ground to the Carolina Panthers, the Bucs now rank worse than Oakland Raiders. Don't start Turner with the expectation that the Bucs are that bad. However, do keep in mind that the teams met in Week Two and Turner was shutdown. Expect the Falcons to adjust.

Ten Worst Rush Defenses:

Rush Rank Team RYA Vs
32 Detroit 180.3 @IND
31 Tampa Bay 150.3 @ATL
30 Cleveland 145.7 @PHI
29 Oakland 139.3 NE
28 Denver 138 @CAR
26 Kansas City 137.7 SD
26 St. Louis 137.7 SEA
25 Washington 131.3 @CIN
24 Chicago 130.3 NO
23 Atlanta 129.3 TB