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MLB Trade Rumors: Mark Teixeira And Jake Peavy

With last night's news from Los Angeles Angels GM Tony Reagins that the team has made an eight-year contract offer (dollars undisclosed) to 1B Mark Teixeira, the trade rumor being reported, most recently by John Perrotto at Baseball Prospectus, about the Angels going after San Diego Padres' ace is likely caput. Perrotto's iteration had AAA RHP Nick Adenhart and AAA SS Brandon Wood heading a package that would lead to Peavy topping the Angels' rotation.

While the Angels are being lumped in with the big spenders of baseball (read: New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox), there is little to indicate the Angels' off-season plans included dropping $20MM per on Teixeira and another $15+ MM on a starting pitcher. As a back-up plan to a failure to land Teixeira, yes. In addtion to Teixeira, no.

However, an interesting scenario develops if Teixeira spurs the West Coast in favor of working closer to home for the Washington Nationals or Baltimore Orioles. In this scenario, the Angels would have the luxury of dealing Peavy to the Padres for a Wood/Adenhart/Reggie Willits/Reliever package, and reviving its offense with the signings of non-tender 3B/2B Ty Wigginton and Jonny Gomes.