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Ten Worst Pass Defenses: Did Terrell Owens Pick A Good Time To Cry?

While there is joy to see your QBs and WRs facing these the ten worst pass defenses, there is also anxiety that accompanies the knowledge that your fantasy play-offs opponent faces them, too. At this point, focus on your own team and hope the statistics lie for your opponent.

Speaking of statistics, the Dallas Cowboys face the 27th worst pass defense of the New York Giants. Did WRs Terrell Owens, Roy Williams and Patrick Crayton pick an opportune time to call out QB Tony Romo and his Jason Witten-favoring targetting? I think so. Normally, I react unfavorably to a cry baby like TO airing family business in public, but I can't see WR Roy Williams being involved after just a handful of games with Romo. Look for the Dallas WRs to produce this week as a result of guilting Romo into involing them more.

Surprisingly, the Cowboys possess the 24th worst PYA and could provide a 5-8 receptions/70-90 yards receving days for Giants' WRs Amani Toomer and Steve Smith. Given the Cowboys and Giants possess excellent rush defenses and will be starting back-ups at RB, don't be surprised to see a shootout.

A third factor to consider in expecting a pass-happy game is the results of the first meeting between the two teams. Despite a 35-14 win by the Giants, the game was not a passing affair. The Cowboys had Brad Johnson at the helm, committed four turnovers and managed a mere 102 yards through the air. The Giants took advantage of those turnovers and needed just 119 yards through the air to do so. Expect both teams to adjust and pass more effectively.

Ten Worst Pass Defenses:

Pass Rank Team PYA Vs
32 Green Bay 298.7 @JAX
31 Cincinnati 290.5 WAS
30 NY Jets 289.3 BUF
29 Carolina 283.3 DEN
28 Seattle 263.3 @STL
27 NY Giants 254.3 @DAL
26 Arizona 236.3 MIN
25 New England 235.7 @OAK
24 Dallas 229.3 NYG
23 Houston 228.7 TEN