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Top Ten Rush Defenses: Crossing Your Fingers On Steve Slaton

With the fantasy play-offs upon us, the Top 10 Rush Defenses is the one list you don't want to see your RBs' opponents listed. Are you concerned that your Marion Barber III replacement, Tashard Choice, will have to face the 6th-ranked New York Giants rush defense? Or maybe your Brandon Jacobs' fill-in, Derrick Ward, has to face the top overall rush defense of the Dallas Cowboys?

For many fantasy football play-off teams, the Houston Texans' match-up against the 5th-ranked Tennessee Titans' defense is more of a concern. Rookie RB Steve Slaton sliced-up the Titans in the teams' first meeting. Which Steve Slaton owners aren't afraid the Titans will prevent the same thing from occurring at their most inopportune time?

For myself, I am doubly whacked as I am compelled to start Slaton because I am likely going to lose San Francisco 49ers RB Frank Gore to an ankle injury. Worse, I will have to start Miami Dolphins' RB Ronnie Brown against a surprisingly stingy 49ers rush defense. Normally, I'd be happy to start Brown, but the Dolphins have made very clear the ball-sharing duties in Miami are shared equally between Brown and Ricky Williams. Here's to an an exception that proves the rule!

Top Ten Rush Defenses:

Rush Rank Team RYA Vs
1 Dallas 58.7 NYG
2 Baltimore 68.3 PIT
3 Minnesota 71.3 @AZ
4 Philadelphia 74.3 CLE
5 Tennessee 83.3 @HOU
6 NY Giants 86.3 @DAL
7 Pittsburgh 86.7 @BAL
8 NY Jets 90.7 BUF
9 San Diego 95.3 @KC
10 San Francisco 96.3 @MIA