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Fantasy Baseball: Cole Hamels, Manny Ramirez

Manny Ramirez, not feeling the love at the conclusion of the Winter meetings, has threatened to retire. Yeah, that's about as believable as the US automakers getting bailed out. Manny, apparently frustrated that he hasn't gotten the offers that his agent promised him, is crazy enough to sit out half a season, but I doubt it. Scott Boras won't allow it after he orchestrated the trade deadline deal back on July 31st allowing Manny to become a free agent. Some team, the Dodgers or Angels, will come offering him bigtime money for 2-3 years.

Now Cole Hamels, what the #$%# were you thinking? Your team just won the World Series, yes...I got that. But, you don't go on NY sports radio and call the Mets "chokers" after their GM just bought and traded for probably the best setup man/closer combo in all of baseball in Putz and K-Rod. You don't make those comments when Chase Utley is recovering from hip surgery and you are still looking to replace Pat Burrell in your lineup.

The Mets lost the NL East by 1 game this season. After these moves, they could be the favorites to represent the NL in the 2009 World Series.