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MLB Trade Rumors: J.J. Putz, Mark Teixeira, A.J. Burnett, Manny Ramirez

Ken Rosenthal from is reporting that the Mets have acquired Seattle Mariners closer JJ Putz in a 3-team deal with the Indians involved. Per Rosenthal the deal would look like this:

The Mariners give up Putz, Green, and Reed and get Heilman, Chavez, Carp, and Gutierrez. The Indians give up Gutierrez and get Valbuena and Smith. The Mets give up Heilman, Chavez, Carp, and Smith to get Putz, Green, and Reed.

So Omar gets Putz for a middle reliever, a 5th OFer and a minor league 1bman? I guess the Mariners are in sell mode. Man, I wish Colletti waited on signing Casey Blake. Adrian Beltre would look good in Dodger Blue again.

On my drive home from playing hoops this evening, Kevin Kennedy, from XM Radio's Hot Stove show, stated that he felt the Boston Red Sox were the favorites to sign free agent 1bman Mark Teixeira. They must be offering a huge deal because the Washington Nationals, of all teams, apparently offered Tex and 8-year $160 million contract. The Angels, thought to be the leading contender to resign Tex, have not been heard from, and have yet to make an offer. Recent reports state that Teixeira wants to play on the east coast. Haven't we heard something similar recently?

The fact that we haven't heard a peep out of the Angels on Teixeira, means they could change course and go after Manny Ramirez, Pat Burrell or Bobby Abreu.

Speaking of Manny Ramirez, there have been a couple rumors going around that the Yankees may make an offer to Manny. That would make for some interesting theatre 18 times next year. Maybe this is the reason why Boston is making a big play for Teixeira.

The Yankees are reported to have made AJ Burnett a 5 year $85 million offer, and are close to signing Derek Lowe. The Braves have also made Burnett a 5 year offer. How can they go after Manny if they sign those two on top of CC Sabathia?

The St. Louis Cardinals apparently have made closer Brian Fuentes their no. 1 target this offeason. So much for Chris Perez closing in 2009.

What are the chances the Toronto Blue Jays end up making Roy Halladay available either this offseason or by mid-June 2009? Toronto can't possibly think they can compete in the AL East with all the moves the Yankees and Red Sox are making.