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Top Ten Pass Defenses: Do You Really Think The Jaguars Care?

Oh crap! The semi-finals of the fantasy football play-offs occur the same week Peyton Manning faces the #2 ranked PYA of the Detroit Lions. One can only hope for the continued ineffectiveness of the Colts ground game and offensive line. Or maybe not. The Colts possess the 8th worst PYA, and the Lions may get a real QB back for this game in Dan Orlovsky, who averaged 260 yards passing in the three games before hurting his thumb.

In the game of the week, at least for fantasy purposes, two of the season's most disappointing teams face off in Western Florida. The Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers face the Jacksonville Jaguars. This has all the makings of a who-cares game where each team's defensive intensity sits a few degrees short of "warm". While the Jaguars have a very respectable PYA, don't be at all surprised to see Aaron Rodgers lead his team, and your fantasy one, to 200+ yards and a couple TDs. Nor should anyone be surprised to see Jags' Rb Maurice Jones-Drew go multi-TD against a generous Packers' D.

Top Ten Pass Defenses:

Pass Rank Team PYA Vs
1 Baltimore 136.7 PIT
2 Detroit 156 @IND
3 Tennessee 163.7 @HOU
4 Philadelphia 165.3 CLE
5 Pittsburgh 168 @BAL
6 Jacksonville 171.3 GB
7 Washington 173 @CIN
8 Indianapolis 178.7 DET
9 Cleveland 183.7 @PHI
10 Tampa Bay 184 @ATL
10 Chicago 184 NO