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NFL Injury Update: Peyton Hillis, Gus Frerotte

The NFL injury carousel continues to go around and around.  Are you ready for some brand new starters for your fantasy football team playoffs?  Do you feel lucky, punk?
Denver Broncos - Fantasy Sleeper Of The Month Peyton Hillis (343 yards and 5 touchdowns on only 68 carries) is out for the season.  Who's left it Denver? Andre Hall?  Hurt.  Michael Pittman?  Hurt.  Ryan Torain?  Hurt. Selvin Young?  Hurt?  Nope, the answer is...

The Broncos now will turn to tailback Tatum Bell, who was selling cell phones at a Denver-area mall before he was re-signed last month. The team also will promote Cory Boyd from the practice squad to compete with P.J. Pope to serve as Bell's backup.

Wow, Tatum Bell.  Bell had been drafted by the Broncos, traded to the Lions, released by the Lions, picked up by the Broncos, released by the Broncos, then re-signed by the Broncos again and now he's starting.   Which, you have to admit, is better than selling cell phones at the mall. 

And I confess that I don't know the details of Tatum Bell's life, but when he signed out of college in 2004 it was reported that his signing bonus and incentives were worth $1.8 million dollars.  Add to that the fact that the guy had actually been earning a paycheck the past few years and you have to wonder how that kind of money just disappears.  Anyway, if you believe that anybody can run in Denver, Tatum Bell is your man this week.
Minnesota Vikings - Gus Frerotte's injury this weekend forced the Vikings to use benched QB Tarvaris Jackson.  Danger! Danger!  Well, Jackson must be laughing at me because he had a great game, completing 80% of this passes for 105 yards and a touchdown.  Well done.  So, that means he's redeemed himself and he's going to start this weekend, right Coach Childress?

"Not sure. We're day to day," Childress said, declaring Frerotte's condition as "very sore."

But Frerotte has been sore before.

"We'll see where he's at when we get to Wednesday," Childress said.

Well, that's one way to encourage your employees. 

Gus Frerotte was hardly a fantasy juggernaut, but opposing defenses knew he could burn them if they got lazy.  They..uh..don't worry about that with Tarvaris Jackson.  If Jackson starts, it's a downgrade to Berrian and Shiancoe as well as Adrian Peterson.