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Fantasy Football Thoughts On Week 12

- Forget the previous 12 weeks -- going into Sunday, was there any part of the Atlanta Falcons that was better than San Diego on paper?  Quarterback?  Running back?  Secondary?  No, probably not.  Yet the Falcons pretty much manhandled the Chargers.  Amazing.
- At this point, San Diego has to realize they let the wrong RB go to the Falcons, don't they?
- Tampa QB Jeff Garcia had his second straight game with fewer than 170 passing yards and his second straight win.  With a game next week against the Panthers, it could happen again.  This guy is like fantasy anti-matter.
- Not counting QB scrambles, the Redskins ran the ball four times in the second half. FOUR TIMES.  All you Clinton Portis owners can wave to the playoff bus as it drives away.   Bye playoffs!
- In my money league, I've had an opposing RB score four TDs on me for the second straight week (Michael Turner last week, DeAngelo Williams this week).  If you believe I'm cursed, put your money on Maurice Jones-Drew or Willis McGahee next week.
- Green Bay has given up 86 points over the past two weeks.  Something to think about if you're considering starting Steve Slaton next week.
- Browns' QB Derek Anderson finished with 110 passing yards, no touchdowns and no interceptions....and he was a better fantasy choice than Peyton Manning (125 pass yards, 0 TD, 2 INT).  Oh yeah, and he was injured during the game too, so let me introduce you to Ken Dorsey.
- Plaxico who?

- The Ravens have scored 34+ points in four of the their last five games, the only blemish being a game against the Giants.  WR Derrick Mason is up-and-down, but worth a shot if you really need a WR.
- Marshawn Lynch rushed for 134 yards and the Bills only scored 3 points.  You really have to work at it to make that happen.
- Just when you thought Darren McFadden might finally be breaking out --- 7 carries for 13 yards.  Sigh.
- The Broncos beat the Jets, before that they lost the Raiders.  They beat the Falcons, before that lost to Miami.  They beat the Buccaneers, before that lost to the Chiefs.  Can somebody help me figure this out?  I give up.
- The Bengals might finish the season 1-14-1 and not get the first overall draft pick.  That team not only needs a new coaching staff, it needs an exorcist.  The power of Bill Cowher compels you!!!