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Start Or Sit: Willis McGahee, Ray Rice, Jamaal Charles & Kenneth Darby

Willis McGahee and Ray Rice, Baltimore Ravens:  McGahee is supposed to play this afternoon.  The question is will he get the 16+ touches he received in all but one of the six games he has played in.  It is especially difficult thanks to the breakout game rookie RB Ray Rice had last week against the Cleveland Browns.

The Rutgers University alum gained 176 total yards last week on 24 touches.  That effort has made Rice the most productive Ravens RB with 339 rushing yards and 188 receving ones.  In comparison, McGahee has 351 yards rushing and 104 receiving.  Le'Ron McCalin has 347 and 82 respectively - most of which were accumulated in the Ravens' first four games.

If forced, I'd prefer to start Ray Rice.  With McGahee's health still in question and Rice's burst and receiving ability, the choice is easier.

QB JaMarcus Russell, Oakland Raiders:  Will he or won't he?  For fantasy purposes, no one cares.  Russell's super-stinker against the Falcons has permanently placed Russell in the free agent pool.

RB Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs:  With RB Larry Johnson serving a suspension, the rookie from Texas is the starter.  Early in the week, he was the undisputed starter until head coach herm Edwards rained on that parade.

Edwards publicly stated Charles wasn't big enough to withstand 20+ carries.  As a result, RB Dantrell Savage has stepped into the time share.

While the 5'8, 182 lb rookie from Oklahoma State can help the too-small 5'11, 199 lb Charles avoid being too beat-up, Charles has some proven NFL receiving ability.  Given the San Diego Chargers pass defense is ranked 29th over the past three-games, Charles should remain a viable fantasy starter thanks to the likelihood of a Chiefs' air game.

Steven Jackson, St. Louis Rams:  Jackson is out.  His replacement will be Kenneth Darby.  The second-year back from Alabama has limited professional experience with just four touches in 2007.  A possible plus is half of those were receptions.  Given the Jets are stout agains the run, Darby's potential fantasy value is wrapped-up in his ability to catch some balls out of the backfield.