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Ten Worst Rush Defenses

A quick and dirty scan of all the opponents facing the weakest rush defenses yields which RBs should be starting - DeAngelo Williams, LaDanian Tomlinson, Maurice Jones-Drew, Thomas Jones, Kevin Smith, Adrian Peterson and whoever starts for Baltimore. That will be either Willis McGahee or Ray Rice. Regardless, either back will be productive with a slight edge towards Rice and his participation in the passing game.

A slight caveat to that list of RBs is the QB situation in Detroit. The Lions are starting Daunte Culpepper just days after signing him. Depending on how quickly Culpepper can be effective in the passing game, Kevin Smith may find himself running into a defensive front that Jacksonville has failed to show with any consistency this season.

Ten Worst Rush Defenses:

Rank Team RYA Vs
32 Oakland 228.7 CAR
31 Kansas City 182.7 @SD
30 Cleveland 166.3 DEN
29 Denver 162.3 @CLE
28 Detroit 146.3 JAX
27 Dallas 143 BYE
26 St. Louis 133 @NYJ
25 Jacksonville 127 @DET
24 Green Bay 121.3 @MIN
23 Houston 119.7 BAL