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Top Ten Rush Defenses: Sit Brian Westbrook And Joseph Addai?

This week's RB To Sit Because He Faces The Baltimore Ravens is Houston Texan rookie Steve Slaton. In non-PPR formats, this is an easy enough decision. However, a PPR league may still consider starting Slaton because he is good for a few catches per game. At least that is the hope coming off an eight-reception week against another top rush defense in Minnesota.

Normally, RBs facing the New York Giants or Pittsburgh Steelers get more attention as possible sits. With the Philadelphia Eagles facing the Giants, I can't seriously consider sitting RB Brian Westbrook. He is so involed in the passing game that a 40-50 yard rushing performance can easily be augmented by another 60 yards receiving. FWIW, Westbrook has caught six passes in his last three start and has had six in four of his last five.

While sitting Westbrook can't seriously be considered against a tough rush defense, I can't say the same thing about Indianapolis Colts' RB Joseph Addai against the Steelers. The Colts are the worst rushing team in the NFL with just over 70 rushing yards per game. Addai returned from an injury last week to gain just 32 yards on 17 attempts against the Patriots. I couldn't expect worse against the Steelers, but, still, how much better?

Top Ten Rush Defenses:

Rank Team RYA Vs
1 Baltimore 60.7 @HOU
2 NY Giants 70.3 @PHI
3 Minnesota 71.7 GB
4 Buffalo 73.3 @NE
5 Washington 74.3 BYE
6 Pittsburgh 75.7 IND
7 New England 81 BUF
8 Arizona 82.3 SF
9 Tennessee 84.7 @CHI
9 San Francisco 84.7 @AZ
11 NY Jets 87.7 STL