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Ten Worst Pass Defenses: Chad Pennington's Teams

The Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins face-off in a match-up of top ten worst pass defenses. For the Dolphins, QB Chad Pennington has produced with fewer weapons than he had with the New York Jets and has made nobody WR Greg Camrillo into a legitmate NFL receiver.

The Seahawks start QB Seneca Wallace, and he has few weapons at his disposal. The Miami PYA says there has to be a viable start amongst the receiving options, but I'm hard-pressed to think the Seattle passing game isn't going to offer the Dolphins the chance to improve in next week's rankings. FWIW, that means a 217-yard PYA drops off the rolling three-game average and needs to be replaced with a lower PYA against the 'hawks.

Pennington's former team plays the one of just three teams ranked in the bottom ten in PYA and RYA, the St. Louis Rams. (The others are the Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions.) While QB Brett Favre has proven to be unreliable as a fantasy starter, he averages more than 30 passes per game. That means his WRs are getting opportunity. In PPR formats, starting either Jerricho Cotchery or Laverneus Coles will likely produce 10+ points.

Of note, the Jets rank 20th in PYA, and the Rams will be without RB Steven Jackson on Sunday. Unless the injury to Jets MLB Dave Harris makes Rb Kenneth Darby a star, I expect QB Marc Bulger to be able to move the ball threw the air. This is good news for WRs Torry Holt and Donnie Avery. Given Avery's explosiveness, he is the player I'd be starting.

Ten Worst Pass Defenses:

Rank Team PYA Vs
32 Seattle 305.3 @MIA
31 Chicago 288.3 TEN
30 St. Louis 266.7 @NYJ
29 San Diego 264.3 KC
28 Carolina 258.7 @OAK
27 Kansas City 250 @SD
26 Miami 247.3 SEA
25 Cincinnati 244.5 BYE
24 Tennessee 241.7 @CHI
23 Detroit 241.3 JAX