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Amongst the Worst Rush Defenses: Denver Broncos at Cleveland Browns

Tonight's Denver Broncos at Cleveland Browns games kicks off the advent of the mid-week game. Fantasy teams need to have their roster-setting information available today. To that end, I have listed the RYA and PYA against for both teams.

Given how poorly each defense does against the run, the starting RBs merit serious consideration as starters for most fantasy football teams. Browns' RB Jamaal Lewis is an easy enough decision, but how about the Denver Broncos backfield?

RBs Michael Pittman and Andre Hall were placed in injured reserve this week and Selvin Young is listed as questionable. Two RBs remain - Ryan Torain and fellow rookie Peyton Hillis. Torian is the favorite to start and carry whatever rushing game the Broncos have, but doesn't an unknown FB who comes out of nowhere to be fantasy relevent sound like something right up coach Mike Shannahan's ally?

On pass defense, both teams are middling but that can't be separated from either team's inability to stop the run. I'd be comfortable starting WRs Eddie Royal and Braylon Edwards if roster constraints forced either.

Yes, Braylon Edwards has fallen that far, and I believe QB Brady Quinn can be good enough to make Edwards viable this week.

Rank Team RYA Rank Team PYA Vs
30 Cleveland 166.3 13 Cleveland 220.3 DEN
29 Denver 162.3 15 Denver 224.7 @CLE