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Fantasy Quarterbacks Most Likely To Get Benched

Yesterday, I talked about how critical it was to have a third fantasy QB on your roster because of the likelihood that your favorite quarterback would either be benched or gruesomely injured.  You can never predict somebody getting injured (except Matt Schaub) so here are my thoughts on the QBs most likely to get the hook in the next few weeks.  They're rated from most likely to least likely.
Brady Quinn, Cle - What's that you say?  He hasn't even started a game yet?  That's right, and there's a decent chance he won't start more than one.  Head Coach Romeo Crennel played eenmy-meeny-miney-mo with his three quarterbacks (Derek Anderson, Charlie Frye and Brady Quinn) during last year's preseason before settling on Charlie Frye the week before the season started.  Then he yanked Frye at halftime of the first game.  Way to stand firm Crennel!  He looked like a genius when Anderson had a near-MVP-type season, but he's still the same Romeo Crennel with the itchy trigger finger.  Just this week he publicly said that Anderson was the starter only to change his mind a day later.  Unlike the Falcons and Ravens, who are committed to stand by rookie QBs this season no matter how they do, the Browns obviously aren't sold on Brady Quinn.  They just paid Anderson $24 million over three years, you think they're going to pay him that to carry a clipboard while Quinn stumbles around the field?  No way!  Well, maybe. Yes!  Who knows with Crennel?
JaMarcus Russell, Oak - After last year's QB debacle, the Raiders are totally committed to JaMarcus Russell, right?   Yeah, sure.  I'm sure getting shutout by the Falcons -- the Falcons for crying out loud! -- really put Al Davis in a good mood.  This is the most dysfunctional organization in the NFL.  The idea that they could bench Russell -- something they've done several times in the past -- is easy to imagine. More than that, it's something that should be expected.
Rex Grossman, Chi -- Yaah!  It's Rex Grossman!  Hide the children!!  The Bears' next two games are against the Titans and the Packers. If they lose them both they'll be watching their playoff hopes slide away.  Bye bye playoffs!  The next guy in line is rookie QB Caleb Hanie out of Colorado State.  You think they won't do it?  Really?  How much worse could he be?
David Garrard, Jax -- It's probably unlikely that he'll get the hook considering he was considered the heart and soul of the team last season.  But he only got his chance because Coach Del Rio made a last second swap-a-roo with projected starter Byron Leftwich so it's not completely out of the question.  On the other hand, the backup QB is Cleo Lemon, so that would dissuade anybody.