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MLB Trade Rumors: Boston Red Sox & Jason Varitek

Scott Boras has all the answers for his client, catcher Jason Varitek - the Boston Red Sox winning percentage with Varitek behind the plate, Varitek teaches pitchers he doesn't need to learn them, etc. Regardless of the veracity of Boras' position, the Red Sox are still going to need a young catcher who can either start next season or can be brought along over the next season or two.

To this end, the Red Sox are expected to speak with the Texas Rangers about their abundabce of catching. Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe mentions Taylor Teagarden and Jarrod Saltalamacchia as possibilites if the Sox are willing to deal pitchers Clay Buchholz or Michael Bowden. Either Rangers' catcher for either Red Sox pitcher seems perfectly reasonable.

That swap would only end with Varitek signing elsewhere or agreeing to a short-term deal with the Red Sox with the understanding Varitek would be tutoring his successor. Given Boras' positioning, the former seems more likely. Determining which team will buy the Boras bill-of-goods on Jason Varitek is somewhat more daunting to predict.