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MLB Trade Rumors: Matt Holliday

If prospects are the capital your favorite team has versus money, then LF Matt Holliday is your shortest route to an improved offense in 2009. Manny Ramirez would offer the same production but will cost $80+ MM. Holliday will offer the same production and cost just a combination of three or four top prospects/young major leaguers.

Which teams have expressed interest? From the Rocky Mountain News:

But there is a feeling among his teammates that Holliday is ready to make the next move in his career. He was uncomfortable with growing talk about his contract situation during the summer and knows if he returns in 2009, there will be constant speculation.

Among teams showing the most interest are Washington, Tampa Bay, St. Louis and the New York Mets

Naturally, the Los Angeles Angels and Boston Red Sox are teams the Rockies want involved due to their depth in prospects/young major league hitters. The New York Yankees do have some pieces especially in the pitching department and are always a positive to have involved in any potential bidding war.

What could the Nationals, Rays, Cardinals and Mets offer? Here is my guess.

Washington Nationals: CF Lastings Milledge, pitchers Ross Detwiler and Colin Balester

Tampa Bay Rays: Pitchers Edwin Jackson, Jeff Neimann and Wade Davis

St. Louis Cardinals: CF Brian Barton, major league relievers Jason Matte and Brad Thompson, minor league pitchers Jaime Garcia and Jess Todd

New York Mets: OF Daniel Murphy, LHP Jon Niese, relievers Joe Smith and Eddie Kunz