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Ten Worst Rush Defenses:

The easiest match-ups to judge are those made involving poor rush defenses.  The teams at the top of the list need to be consistently bad game in and game out to reside there.  This week the St. Louis Rams offer themselves up agains the Miami Dolphins and Ronnie Brown and Rikcy Williams.  The challenge is deciding whether either Dolphins' back can get 100 yards on fewer than 20 touches.

The Oakland Raiders present their soft underbelly to the Kansas City Chiefs and RB Larry Johnson.  Against a good pass defense, and without a fearsome passing offense, the Chiefs have no reason to do anything but feed the ball to Johnson with a nice dash of Jamaal Charles.

More interesting will be to see how Frank Gore does against the suddenly inept rush defense of the Buffalo Bills.  Ove rits past three games, the Bills have allowed 144, 161 and 159 yards rushing after keeping opponents under 100 yards in 6 of its first 8 games.  Can San Francisco be the first West Coast team to travel East for a 1 PM kick-off and win?

Ten Worst Rush Defenses:

Rank Team RYA Vs
32 St. Louis 180.7 MIA
31 Detroit 180 TEN
30 Oakland 165.7 KC
29 Buffalo 154.7 SF
28 Denver 144 @NYJ
27 Cleveland 140.3 IND
26 Seattle 139.3 @DAL
25 Houston 137 JAX
23 Tennessee 136.7 @DET
23 Carolina 136.7 @GB