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Fantasy Football Thoughts on Week 9

- In the Falcons-Raiders game, JaMarcus Russell threw the ball 19 times and three different Raiders ran the ball a total of 11 times.  There were no field goals attempted. That means the Raiders ran a total of 30 offensive plays (not counting kickoffs or punts).   That's thirty plays for the entire game!
- Falcons' RB Michael Turner ran the ball 31 times HIMSELF.  Unbelievable.  The Raiders face Carolina next week if you want to start planning now.
- So......Brooks Bollinger, huh?  Wow.  Mercifully, the Cowboys have a bye next week, and Romo is expected to return for the Week 11 game against Washington.
- I had been warning that if Edge James got hurt, Tim Hightower could be a fantasy monster.  I was right on the second part (22 rushes for 109 yards and a TD) but not quite right on the first part.  James was benched at gametime for being "ineffective" according to the AP.   If you had James on your team you damn well better have had Hightower too.  Everybody else should run, don't walk, to the waiver wire for Tim Hightower.
- Miami WR Greg Camarillo had 11 catches yesterday, racking up 111 yards.  Eleven catches!  Wasn't anybody covering him?  Apparently not.  Yikes.
- Chiefs' rookie RB Jamaal Charles finished with 18 carries for 106 yards yesterday.  Take your time coming back LJ!  Seriously though, at what point to the Chiefs realize they don't need to deal with Larry Johnson and sent him and his baggage packing?  Before the end of the season?  I'd be shocked if Johnson is in a Chiefs uniform next August.
- Remember when it was fantasy football dogma that "Anybody can run for 1000 yards in the Broncos system"?  Yesterday's Bronco totals: Four rushers, Twelve rushes, Fourteen total rushing yards.  Eeesh.
- The Packers ended up losing the game, but Aaron Rodgers was slicing and dicing the Titans defensive backs in the second half yesterday.  While Kyle Orton may have been able to do the same next week, I have zero confidence in Rex Grossman.  If Orton was your fantasy QB1, you should be able to do better than Rex Grossman.
- At the end of the first quarter, Seattle QB Seneca Wallace had 117 passing yards.  For the rest of the game, he had 52 passing yards.  The Seahawks are not good.