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Plaxico Burress Becomes Walking (Er..Limping) Metaphor

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Something to think about while you're working on those Thanksgiving leftovers

Super Bowl hero Plaxico Burress accidentally shot himself in the right thigh and spent the night in the hospital, another dramatic turn in a tumultuous season in which the star New York Giants receiver has been fined and suspended.

The Giants said the shooting happened Friday night and he was released from the hospital early Saturday. The team did not say which hospital Burress went to or how badly he was injured.

Wow.  There's not much to add here.  Don't start him this week, I guess I should add that.

Newsday reported Burress has a concealed weapon permit from the state of Florida that expired in May 2008. It is unclear if the permit was renewed; such a license can be renewed up to six months beyond the expiration date in accordance with section 790.06(11)(a) of Florida Statutes.

However, the states of New York and New Jersey do not recognize permits from Florida, so Burress could be charged in the incident.

The NFL also is likely to investigate whether Burress violated its Personal Conduct Policy, which might lead to a suspension.

OK, then let me also add that he's probably done for the rest of the fantasy season.  Hixon wouldn't be a bad last minute pickup if he's available.