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Fantasy Baseball: Chad Billingsley's Injury

I will start this post by saying I am not even close to being a doctor, but I have my own opinion about the spiral fracture of the fibula injury Chad Billingsley suffered this past weekend.

Last night I poked around on Google on the injury, (yes I need to get a and read nothing but horror stories about regular Joe the Plumber type people who have suffered this injury. Most of the articles were about people who were in a cast for up to two months, and then on crutches afterwards.  Now maybe Billz being young and a professional athlete will help him recover quickly, but I have my doubts.

Here is an excerpt from the story on the Dodgers site on

Billingsley, 24, sustained a spiral fracture of the fibula, the smaller of the two bones in the shin, according to the Dodgers. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Paul Neuman, after consulting with Dodgers surgeon Dr. Neal ElAttrache, inserted a plate in an operation Saturday to allow for the fracture to heal. Billingsley's landing leg will be in a cast for two weeks.

The Dodgers reported that the surgery went as planned and the club expects Billingsley to be healed and available to begin throwing bullpen sessions at the beginning of Spring Training and to be ready for the 2009 season.

Apparently, a sprial fracture is like when you twist a stick to break it, the stick becomes frayed where you broke it.....that is Billz left shin right now.

I think we will soon hear that Ned Colletti is planning on signing two starting pitchers this offseason, instead of one. Then, we will hear that Billz recovery from this injury is taking longer than expected, and he will miss Spring Training.

I hope I am wrong about this, but this injury doesn't sound good. Come draft day, we will all know whether Billz is fuily recovered or not. Should he not be 100% by draft day, I expect him to fall considerably in snake drafts, and come very cheaply in auction drafts.

Today there is a rumor out that the Dodgers are considering signing free agent lefty Andy Pettitte, who has spoken to Joe Torre "numerous" times this offseason. Coincidence?? I think not.

Where is Will Carroll when you need him?