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Which Fantasy Running Backs Are Getting The Most Work?

Right now there are five running backs in the NFL averaging more than 20 carries a game.  Consistently getting a lot of carries is one of the most important (and yeah, most obvious) aspects of fantasy football success.   With the weather growing colder and players getting more tired, can you count on these five RBs for the rest of the season?
1.  Michael Turner, ATL - 22.8 att/gm
Outlook: Very good.  Matt Ryan is performing superbly, but the Falcons aren't going to overwhelm him even if it means missing the playoffs.  Turner is still the engine of this offense, though technically it is within league rules for them to use Jerious Norwood.
2. Clinton Portis, WAS - 22.2 att/gm
Outlook: Outstanding.  Jason Campbell and the Washington passing game just hasn't developed the way some people (like me) predicted, so this is still Clinton's team.  He seems to be healthy again too.
3. Adrian Peterson, MIN - 22.0 att/gm
Outlook: Very good.  What, you think they're going to count on Gus Frerotte?  AP does have historical injury issues that may cause the Vikings to use Chester Taylor more often and his attempt totals have declined each of the past two games.
4. Willie Parker, PIT - 21.0 att/gm
Outlook: Below average.  Parker is the only one of these five RBs with a yds/carry average below 4.0 (he's at 3.8) and he has the fewest touchdowns (4) of the group as well.  Mewelde Moore has proven he can get the job done, and Parker is still coming off multiple injuries.  Ride him while he's healthy, but don't be surprised when he tapers off.  Or when he blows out a wheel.
5. Matt Forte, CHI - 20.5 att/gm
Outlook: Good.  The Bears are going to run the ball a lot even with Orton back and Forte doesn't have any competition for carries in Chicago.  While there's a chance he may hit the rookie wall, the Bears will continue driving him straight towards that wall as long as they're in the hunt for the NFC North title.