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Ten Worst Rush Defenses: Who To Start Ahead of Clinton Portis, Brandon Jacobs and Brian Westbrook

While there is never a great time for elite RBs like Clinton Portis, Brian Westbrook and Brandon Jacobs to be question marks, there are great match-ups for much less-heralded RBs to fill-in. Amongst these are Denver Bronco Peyton Hillis, Tampa Bay's Warrick Dunn, and Pierre Thomas of New Orelans. Addtionally, Steve Slaton of Houston, Jamaal Lewis of Cleveland and whoever the Ravens start offer match-ups that could see them produce as RB1s.

In the case of Brian Westbrook, I'd be comfortable starting any of those backs. For Brandon Jacobs and Clinton Portis, the decision is tougher. Will the Giants utilize their depth at RB to give Jacobs an much reduced role against the Cardinals? If you believe so, sitting him for Warrick Dunn or Peyton Hillis is a safe bet.

Portis offers more of a challenge. After he played last week, one can only conclude he will continue to carry the load as long as he is active. The rest is puffery.

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Ten Worst Rush Defenses:

Rank Team RYA Vs
32 Oakland 211.3 @DEN
31 Detroit 191.7 TB
30 St. Louis 172.7 CHI
29 Cleveland 167.3 HOU
28 Houston 164.3 @CLE
27 Green Bay 160.3 @NO
26 Buffalo 133.7 @KC
25 Jacksonville 125.3 MIN
24 Indianapolis 124 @SD
23 Philadelphia 120.3 @BAL