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Ten Worst Pass Defenses

If Jason Campbell and Santana Moss are going to return to fantasy relevance, the Seattle Seahawks' pass defense will offer each every opportunity. The Kansas Cits Chiefs will offer the same to Trent Edwards and Lee Evans. In both cases, these players had tittilated earlier in the season with big games only to flame out as soon as fantasy players began to believe.

In a prior post, I had mentioned Tennessee Titan RB Chris Johnson as a possible sit against a stout Jets' rush defense. When looking at the New York Jets pass defense, one becomes even more certain the air will provide the avenue for the Titans to extend their season-long ten-game winning streak. Just as the Jets have been consistently amongst the stingiest in allowing rushing yards, it has been just as consistent in allowing passing yards. Don't be surprised to see Kerry Collins again top 200 yards passing after not doing so for the first eight Titan's wins.

Finally, Aaron Rodgers takes the 5-5 Green Bay Packers into New Orleans for a Monday night game that should provide Rodgers the chance to rack-up the stats he had done earlier this season. Against a generous Saints pass defense, expecting 250 yards and 2 TDs is not unreasonable.

Ten Worst Pass Defenses:

Rank Team PYA Vs
32 Seattle 311.7 WAS
31 Kansas City 305.3 BUF
30 San Diego 296 IND
29 San Francisco 276.7 @DAL
28 Cleveland 275 HOU
27 Cincinnati 268.5 @PIT
26 New Orleans 265 GB
25 Chicago 263.7 @STL
24 NY Jets 256 @TEN
23 Denver 251.7 OAK