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Ten Worst Rush Defenses

This is the fantasy money list. Earnest Graham gets a shot to justify his pre-season ranking with a game against the soft Kansas City rush defense, but watch out for Micheal Bennett. Head coach Jon Gruden has shown an alarming propensity to give back-up RBs heavy workloads.

Can the Broncos' defense stop Ronnie Brown and the Miami Dolphins' Wildcat offense? Maybe. The team is coming off a bye week and could be prepared the way an NFL team should be, but I'd have Brown in my starting line-up.

As a matter of the fact, the Dolphins' have been slouches themselves against the run. Does Ryan Torain justify all the fantasy teams that have kept him on reserve for the past eight weeks? Knowing head coach Mike Shannahan, it'll be whatever you don't do in regards to Torain.

Other RBs to start: Baltimore Raven Ray Rice, Seattle Seahawk Maurice Morris, Arizona Cardinal Tim Hightower

Ten Worst Rush Defenses:

Rank Team RYA Vs
32 Kansas City 223.7 TB
31 Oakland 185.3 ATL
30 Denver 183.7 MIA
29 Cleveland 162.3 BAL
28 Cincinnati 144 JAX
27 Detroit 140 @CHI
26 Philadelphia 137 @SEA
25 St. Louis 134.3 AZ
24 Atlanta 125 @OAK
23 Miami 124.3 @DEN