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MLB Trade Rumors: Furcal v. O-Cab

There are rumors that up to 10 teams have interest in former Dodgers SS Rafael Furcal. I am sure at least that many should be interested in former Whitesox SS Orlando Cabrera, or O-Cab.

Being a Dodgers fan, my first preference is to see the Dodgers re-sign Furcal for 2 years with an option for a 3rd, provided he stay healthy. Furcal's health is not guaranteed as he had back surgery in 2008, but was healthy enough to return to play in the NLDS and NLCS. Joe Torre has been quoted as saying he wants Furcal back, and according to Ned Colletti, after re-signing Manny Ramirez, Furcal is next on his list of free agents to re-sign. He has also been quoted as saying that Furcal tops his list.

But the Dodgers have a plan B at SS. Plan B is Orlando Cabrera. They like him so much that they attempted to trade for O-Cab back in July when Furcal's return was not assured.

While Furcal is a better offensive and defensive SS than O-Cab, O-Cab is a picture of consistency. Since 2001, O-Cab has played in 162, 153, 162, 161, 141, 153, 155, and 161 games, or an average of 156 games per season. When looking at O-Cab's stats over the past few years, he is not the power hitter he once was, for a SS that is. He will give you between 8-10 HRs per season, but he hits in the clutch as evidenced by his RBI totals over the last 3 years-72, 86 and 57 in 2008. Not bad for a 34 year old SS. He will also hit around .280 and steal around 20 bases for you.

Furcal, until 2007, was also a picture of consistency, Since 2002, he played in 154, 156, 143, 154, 159, 138, and 36 games. You can see over the last two years he has been injury prone. Furcal, when healthy, is one of the more productive SS behind the HanRam, Rollins, Reyes triumvirate. Before injuring his back in May, Furcal was putting up very solid numbers in his walk year. In 143 ABs, he was hitting .357-.439-.573, with 5 HRs, 16 RBI, 8 stolen bases, and 34 runs scored. In 2006, his last injury-free season, Furcal hit .300-.369-.445, with 15 HRs, 63 RBIs, 37 SBs, and 113 runs scored.

Many GMs are sure to be pondering that 2006 season when contemplating offering Furcal a long term deal this offseason. Paul Kinzer, Furcal's agent, has been quoted as saying that he wants a 4 year deal for his client. But Furcal's questionable health over the last two years will scare some GMs away, or knock off a year or two off of any contract offers.

For those GMs. O-Cab may become plan B also.