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American League MVP: Dustin Pedroia

The last major award will be announced later this afternoon. The Fake Teams voters have nailed every one, but the AL MVP is going to be iffy. See we voted for Boston Red Sox 2B Dustin Pedroia, and scrappy middle infielders are not amongst the most popular vote getters. However, Pedroia's totals were far and away better than the runner-up, Carlos Quentin of the Chicago White Sox.

Unless Boston Red Sox fans ran the equivalent of an ACORN vote campaign for Pedroia, I won't be surprised to see us nail the 6th and final major award. There is wisdom in crowds, and the Fake Teams crowd voted for Pedroia.

Rank Player Team Total
1 2B Dustin Pedroia Boston Red Sox 125
2 LF Carlos Quentin Chicago White Sox 87
3 CF Josh Hamilton Texas Rangers 86
4 C Joe Mauer Minnesota Twins 86
5 1B Kevin Youkilis Boston Red Sox 72
6 1B Justin Morneau Minnesota Twins 61
7 CF Grady Sizemore Cleveland Indians 59
8 CL Francisco Rodriguez Los Angeles Angels 39