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Fantasy Football Thoughts On Week 11

- If you had the Steelers Defense in your fantasy league, I bet you're pretty ticked off right now.

- Pittsburgh's 11-10 victory over the Chargers was the first 11-10 final score in the entire history of the NFL. I find that interesting.

- Two touchdowns from Peyton Hillis, huh? Peyton Hillis?! I can't get a single touchdown from Adrian Peterson or Larry Johnson or Brian Westbrook and somebody named Peyton Freaking Hillis scores twice? Come on!

- Ray Rice, Willis McGahee and LeRon McClain had a total of 47 rushing yards against the Giants. QB Joe Flacco had 57 rushing yards. You know things are bad when that happens.

- I lost a game this week by 2.5 points, so Brandon Jacobs' early injury probably cost me a playoff berth. I'm pretty upset about it. If this wasn't a family blog I'd be cursing up a storm.

- Raiders' QB JaMarcus Russell has one TD pass in his last 90 pass attempts. That's nine-zero pass attempts.

- It was good to see Bears' QB Kyle Orton healthy and back on the field. They might want to try playing him at defensive end as the Bears gave up a whopping 200 yards on the ground to the Packers. Don't expect that to happen next week against the Rams.

- The Eagles offense is completely dysfunctional at this point. Donovan McNabb threw the ball 58 times yesterday and he didn't have a single receiver with 75+ receiving yards. You can't count on any of those receivers to be a reliable fantasy option.

- If there's some secret code, or a spell or a star chart, or something that will let me know which weeks Jonathan Stewart will kick butt and which weeks he'll suck, please let me know what it is. I'm willing to kill a chicken or something if that's required.

- I just heard the new Guns N Roses song "Chinese Democracy" and let me just say: It blows. I mean it seriously blows.  We waited 15 years for that?

- If you're playing in an Individual Defensive Player (IDP) league, here's your Performance of the Day: Minnesota LB Chad Greenway had 16 solo tackles and a sack yesterday. Whoooooooo!

- Kerry Collins' averages Weeks 4-9: 172 passing yards, 0.2 passing TDs.

- Kerry Collins' averages Weeks 10-11: 260 passing yards, 2.5 passing TDs.