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National League MVP: Albert Pujols

With the correct top 3 in the AL Cy Young results, Fake Teams' readers have predicted at least the top two finishers in every major award. Today the NL MVP is announced, and our results show Albert Pujols winning easily over World Series champion, Ryan Howard. After that, our voters held nothing against Manny Ramirez as he finished 3rd ahead of Ryan Braun and Chase Utley.

Rank Player Team Total
1 1B Albert Pujols St. Louis Cardinals 172
2 1B Ryan Howard Philadelphia Phillies 101
3 LF Manny Ramirez Los Angeles Dodgers 72
4 LF Ryan Braun Milwaukee Brewers 69
5 2B Chase Utley Philadelphia Phillies 68
6 LP C.C. Sabathia Milwaukee Brewers 56
7 1B Carlos Delgado New York Mets 51
8 C Geovanny Soto Chicago Cubs 27
9 RP Brandon Webb Arizona Cardinals 21