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Ten Worst Passing Defenses: Kansas City Chiefs Tyler Thigpen

The worst passing defenses cause joy for those fantasy owners who have the opposing QB. In that category this week is Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers, Kurt Warner, and Donovan McNabb. One can logically conclude that any of the main receivers who will be on the other end of those QBs' throws will also do well.

The question comes when a fantasy team doesn't have one of those QBs but has one of the QBs facing a bad pass defense who is not a marquee fantasy name. In this category is Trent Edwards, Tyler Thigpen, Shaun Hill, Brady Quinn and Daunte Culpepper.

Should a team with one of these five QBs start him over a more established fantasy QB like Philip Rivers, Tony Romo, or Eli Manning when those marquee QBs have very unfavorable match-ups? I know I like Kansas City Chief Tyler Thigpen to produce against a weak New Orleans' Saints pass defense, but would I sit Rivers or Romo for him? No, I would not. I would be tempted, though, to sit Eli Manning.

Ten Worst Passing Defenses:

Rank Team PYA Vs
32 Cleveland 314.7 @BUF
31 Kansas City 311.7 NO
30 San Diego 287.7 @PIT
29 Chicago 282.7 @GB
28 Seattle 272.3 AZ
27 New Orleans 260.7 @KC
26 St. Louis 250 @SF
25 Cincinnati 244.5 PHI
24 Buffalo 244.3 CLE
23 Carolina 238.3 DET